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By | February 3, 2020

Teer Lottery is a very innovative lottery system based in Meghalaya though many Assamese people take participation in this. Like all State lotteries, it has its own features and on almost every day names of the lottery winners are declared for a particular lottery of this brand- “Teer Lottery”.

The name suggests us a lot of things. Teer is related to the archery and here also it means exactly that thing. Results or the outcomes of the draw of the lottery are decided by the archery- a very innovative way to find out the lucky person!

Let’s have a brief idea about the Meghalaya Teer Lottery system and how the process is followed.

Teer Lottery Results

Here are the results of Teer lottery.

Khanapara Teer Result


Khanapara Teer Result Today
 First Round (3:45PM)  Second Round (4:45PM)
92 98

Shillong Teer Result


Khanapara Teer Result Today
 First Round (3:45PM)  Second Round (4:45PM)
92 98

Teer Lottery: Rules of participation

if you want to buy a lottery ticket and want to try your luck then the rule is very simple for you. There is no chart and intrusive calculation behind this. You need to purchase a ticket with a selected number. Ticket price varies from Rs. 20 to Rs. 80. You need to register a number against your lottery and the number can be anything between 0 to 100.

Meghalaya Teer Lottery: How the winners are chosen 

Again, there is the thrill, choosing the winners of the lotteries are not so boring like any other State lottery system. There is no bucket or wheel the winners are chosen from. Instead of that “Teer” is there.

How “Teer” decides the luck?

Every day thousands of people buy tickets of Teer lottery. Around 4 and 4.30 noon a group of archers comes in the archery ground.

The archers are welcomes from three different archery club of Shillong. Twenty archers from these three clubs project their arrow (“Teer”) at a target set at 20 meters distance. Total sixty archers throw their arrow at the target.

Once the game starts, all the archers throw their arrows quickly at a rapid succession. Then the officials inspect the target and see how many arrows have hit the target. Now it comes to declare the result of the lottery and see who has owned the prize money and got -1X to 60X of the amount he or she has set in his/ her bet while buying the lottery ticket!

How the lucky winner is selected in Teer Lottery – common shillong results numbers

The process of selecting the winner in the Meghalaya famous ‘Teer’ or archery lottery is really unique. Here is the flow of the actions done to select the winner’s number.

-> At first the number of arrows hit the target is counted from each group (club).

-> Then the arrows of each club are bunched together.

-> The last arrows from each bunch are thrown on the ground.

-> The number of the three arrows are counted and that number is declared as the winning number of that day’s lottery draw!

-> While counting common shillong results numbers they ignore the number positioned at 100’s place. like if the number of the summation comes 155, then the lucky number if 55! This is how the winners’ number is decided in a pretty preformatted way.

It’s a fascinating story and we are sure many of us don’t know that in India this kind of innovative lottery game is organized because the arena is way high on the Khasi hills and a considerable distance to cover to experience this awesome thing.

Teer lottery was legislated by the State Government of Meghalaya in 1982 and the tradition with the thrill has been flown since then. At first citizens of Meghalaya took part in this but after 2000’s Assamese also started taking interest in it and gradually it becomes one of the most popular lotteries in the North East. Today more than 50000 people buys tickets of the Teer lottery and keep trying their luck!

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