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By | December 26, 2019

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone : Hey guys, this is one more interesting article in alltechblogger. Here in i welcome you all to know how to take a screenshot on iPhone 4s,5s,6s and ipad air 2,mini. I hope Apple does not need any introduction. There are times when we say A for Apple (Fruit), but now that trend has changed. A for Apple is no more a fruit now but a sleeky, slim, rich looking iPhone and iPad.

We all may know capturing a screenshot in android mobile. But this is not same for iPhone. If you want to know how to take a screenshot on iphone device, just follow the basic guidelines that let’s you know how to take ios screen capture on devices like 4s,5s,5c,6s, 6plus and etc.

How to Take a ScreenShot on iPhone 4S,5S,5C :

iPhone 4s is a path giving model for apple after iPad’s. With the advent of iPhone 4s apple has become one among the top sellers of mobile market. There are versions in iPhone 4 like 4c and 4s with minor changes and almost same appearance. iPhone 4s is a bit thick piece compared to 5s,5c. To be frank apple iPhone 4s has created the trend over future generation of mobile market at the time of it’s launch. Taking screenshot on iPhone is somewhat difficult if you did not give a try yet. But trust me this article will surely help you take screenshot on iPhone 4s,5s,5c. After 4S, iPhone 5c and 5s are the most successful models in apple. Taking screenshot on iPhone 4s,5s,5c is deliberately easy if you can give a try by reading this guide. Before proceeding to take screenshot on iPhone 4s, make sure to have a selective screen on your device to make it a screenshot.

I hope you all may know sleep/wake button on iPhone. Hey there, nothing to worry if you don’t know. Power button is itself called as sleep/wake button. If you press it a little time, it will be the sleep or wake button. If the press on button is a long while, then it could be called a power button or something else. And obviously Home button. i Hope you would probably known home button on iOS devices. Actually there is much to do with it. So now, you know Both of them.

Get ready to take screenshot now. Select a screen which you want to make a screenshot and then press Home Button + Sleep/Wake Button at a time. Please make sure not to press it a long while. If you had followed all the lines correctly you would probably get a camera shutter sound and blink on screen. That’s it, you have successfully find a solution for how to take a screenshot on iPhone 4s.

How to Capture a Screenshot on iPhone 6s, 6 Plus :

We all know a fact that iPhone 6s and 6 Plus has created a great value to apple phone market with it’s tremendous features and beautiful look. 6s and 6 plus are latest models of Apple iPhone. Though there are some complaints on iPhone 6 Plus, this is the best beast among all smartphones of available mobile brands. If you want to know how to take a screenshot on iphone 6 plus, then read this iGuide which will surely help you a lot. Actually taking a screenshot in apple iPhone 4s, 5s and 6s 6 plus is almost same but with no minor changes. As i have told in the above section press and hold Power Button and Home Button to capture the ongoing screen on your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. If you would have followed the instructions correctly you would probably get a flash on your screen along with a camera shutter sound. With this you have successfully found a solution for how to take a screenshot on iPhone 4s,5s,5c,6s, 6 plus. Checkout the latest 6 Plus if you wanna buy a beast.

Final Words :

Press Sleep button + Home button and Hold a little while to get blink on screen and camera shutter sound. This is same for all models of iPhones and iPads. I hope i have helped you somehow on how to take a screenshot on iphone 4s,5s,5c,6s, 6 Plus. If you have any doubts, please let me know them though the comments section below the article. I will be helpful always. Thank you so much for reading the article on how to capture screenshot in iPhone, iPad. Please do not forget to share it on social media like Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. Also Read my Previous Post “HOW TO ROOT ANDROID PHONE WITHOUT PC“.

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