How to Root Android Phone without PC or Computer (Root without PC)

By | February 10, 2020

Hi guys, Welcome to a very interesting topic “How to Root Android Phone without PC”. Rooting generally happens with PC or Computer as of we know. But this tutorial is completely rooting android mobile phone without pc. This is very essential guide having lot more possibilities to root without pc. I have written this guide to serve you root without computer. As i have told you, there are so many ways to do so. Choose the one that fits for your device. Actually these methods are well working and safest to root without PC.

Before going to root android phone without pc, you must know what is root and how it can be achieved without computer. So first, let’s know something about ROOT.

What is a Root or Rooting ? :

To say it perfectly, Root is a binary installed in every android mobile. So that you can access all kinds of files of android sub systems. Rooting allows you attain utmost control over various parts of android operating system. Then after you will be able to access any file of a Hardware or Software related. Rooting can be done to overcome the limitations set on hardware or software by mobile manufacturers.

Purpose of Rooting :

The major purpose of rooting is to gain the ability to moderate or install any application that requires administrative level permissions that a normal android user does not. Once you do rooting, you can be able to manipulate the applications at it’s core level. One more decent reason is, by rooting android device you can remove complete operating system and re-install it.

Some of the major mobile brands like SONY, HTC allows their customers to manipulate the system settings at core level and acquire administrative level permissions. Remaining mobile brands are unlike that. So, let’s know how to root android phone without pc.

How To Root Android Phone Without PC or Computer (Essential Guide) :

I hope you all aware of root, rooting process and why rooting is needed. So, the next level of this tutorial is to learn something about how to root android phone without pc or computer. So, let’s jump in to the main part of our tutorial. I think it’s better to know some great advantages of rooting before proceeding to root without pc.

Advantages of ROOT, ROOTING :

There are lot more advantages of rooting android device. Let’s know some great advantages of rooting an android device.

  • Rooting will give you complete control over device look and feel.
  • All the aspects of an android mobile are easily customisable like a coding expert writes and compiles a program.
  • Can access any file of an operating system weather it is located in the root directory or not. Also you can edit or delete any system program as ur wish.
  • You can easily speed up your android mobile by altering the frequency of CPU. This is one big way to speed up an android mobile with rooting.
  • You can increase the life of batter by altering the root level settings.
  • You can change the whole outlook and appearance including colours of dial pad, themes and much more.
  • You can gain the ability to restore, backup, or batch edit applications.
  • Get a chance to install any firmware of your choice.
  • Can be upgraded to the latest versions of Android OS on rooting android phone without PC.
  • You can also gain major permissions to increase internal memory of your android device by simply accessing and editing a file vold.fstab. That can be possible only after rooting android mobile phone.

As there is a positive and negative sides to anything in the world. There are disadvantages also. It’s better to know some disadvantages along with advantages of rooting.

Disadvantages of Root, Rooting Android Mobile :

Know the second side of rooting which is disadvantages. Foremost, first side is it’s advantages.

  • You may lose your data while rooting android device. So be careful while rooting android device.
  • Warranty of android phone will be died with rooting android device.
  • Chance of getting random number of reboots.
  • Anyone can manipulate your android device without your permission with the rooting of android phone.

How to Root Android Phone without PC, Computer (Major Part) :

Actually, you can root android device with computer easily. But, this article is unlike that and rooting phone without pc. As there is no use of computer to root your device, you need to have some third party android apps to root android device successfully. Herein this article i will giving a great list of apps to root android device very easily. You need to have them installed on your device. Not all of them, but any one of those apps is must. Choose the best one which suits your android device and it’s compatibility.

Basic Method to Root Android Device without Computer (Using Apps) :

Follow below guidelines gain a solution for how to root android phone without pc, computer. Please do not miss any of the listed.

  • First and foremost, download root apps from the official source given below to root android device.
  • Install them (any one of root apps) to root right after downloading.
  • Probably you might get a warning message regarding installation. Then, go to settings and make check on unknown sources. So that you will be able to install them to root android device.
  • Just open the user interface window of a rooting app after successful installation on your mobile phone to root android device.
  • That’s it. This is how you have to root android device.

Advantages of Rooting Without Computer (With Apps) :

  • Very less chances of getting data loss.
  • Almost safest way to root android device without pc or with apps.
  • Pc, or Computer is not needed. As many of us may not have them (Root Android without Computer).

Here are Some Apps to Root Android without Computer :

These are latest and better working apps to root android without computer. So, Let’s try rooting android device with these apps.

KingRoot : KingRoot is one of the best apps to root android without computer. You can root android device with just one click if your device is matched up with KingRoot’s algorithm. A must try rooting application for android OS. Download it from the official site.

iroot : iroot is the of it’s kind. You can root android mobile phone without any risk. Actually, this app is developed by chinese. Nevertheless, iroot is available in different languages. It has a vital role in rooting android mobile without laptop or pc. Download iroot on windows pc without risk.

Framaroot : Framaroot is a great app to root android device very fast. You can easily root any android mobile phone just in a single click. We can actually say this is number one app to root android mobile phone without computer. Has a great deal in rooted android devices. Must try rooting app for android os.

Watch This Video to Root Android Mobile Phone Without PC using Framaroot :

Download Framaroot apk app from the official link given above. Don’t trust any other third party softwares root android device.

Z4Root : Z4Root is a must try root app for micromax, lava, and xolo. Though this is one of the best pioneer apps that are available in the earlier market, it is very safest app to root android device very fast. Download Z4Root apk app from the link given below.

Towel Root : This is the best app to root almost all HTC Devices without the use of PC (Actually this article is of that kind only-rooting without computer).

With the help of those listed rooting apps you can root android mobile phone without computer very easily. Try any one of the above as of your choice. Please make sure to read about a particular app before proceeding to root your android device.

It’s nice to root android phone without pc with these guidelines now. But what about the accuracy or rooting?. Sometimes we may not able to find whether the device is rooted properly or not. Though those are rare cases, but of much importance. Just know whether your device is rooted properly or not using below app “Root Checker“. Those are some one click root apps.

How to Check The Android Phone is rooted or Not ?:

Guys, it’s very easy to check whether the android phone is rooted or not using Root Checker app. Just follow the the guidelines of this tutorial. After that you will be able to Root Android Mobile Without PC.

Download Root Checker App here and then proceed to check by reading the guidelines of the application. Root checker is a free android application which is having great installations till now. You can check the statistics in google play. Root check is an android app which works very fast, easy to use and all. So i suggest do not miss the app.

This is the app which provides utmost information from the beginner regarding whether the device is rooted properly or not. As it’s very important to know it.

Go on to “VERIFY ROOT STATUS” to know whether rooting is done properly or has any problems. If you wish to unroot android mobile phone later, you can unroot. Soon i will be writing an article on this. This is how you can root android phone without pc, computer or laptop.

Final Words :

Rooting gives you full control over your mobile at the administration level. You can install rooting apps and root your android mobile phone without pc very easily. I have provided you the best ways to root android phone without pc, which are trustworthy. Please make sure to decide yourself whether to root android mobile phone or not.

We are not responsible for any loss and damage to your device. Please make sure to read our privacy policy and disclaimer too. We are just provided you the best tricks. Then after everything is upto you only. I hope i have helped you root android phone without pc somehow. If you have any doubts regarding rooting, please let me know them through comments section below the article. Thank you so much for reading the article How To Root Android Phone Without PC or Computer. To be frank this is the safest method to proceed with.

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