How to Do KeyWord Research for Your Blog – Long Tail Keys Preferred

By | January 4, 2020


That is the phrase we use in our day to day life. But, in our SEO life, if words fail no flower will speak for you. Trust me, everything in this SEO world is tied up with words.

Words are the heart and soul for any blogger and his/her blog. Name of that heart & soul is “Keyword”. Finding the right keyword is necessary for any blog to steal the web traffic and make more money with it. But how to find out the right keyword for your blog’s article?. My answer for that question is Research and the whole process is called “Keyword Research”.

In this article, i am going to share my knowledge on keyword research. And i will help you find right keywords for your niche blog with keyword research tips.

Keyword research is one of the most valuable and important process in optimising the search engines. Proper keyword research can help you a lot for driving traffic to your blog, but improper keyword research can harm you and even kills your blog. This advanced keyword research tips guide can help you in a very brilliant manner.

Trust me : after reading this article, i am sure you will be able to do like an expert.

It’s not so important to drag the visitors to your site always, but about fetching the right kind of visitors for your blog. If you have ranked for a keyword that is not suitable for your article in which the keyword is merged, the visitor will leave your blog immediately. So, obviously your site’s bounce rate will increase and that causes the danger.

So, always try to rank for the right keywords which suits your article and one of your blog posts at least.

How to Do Keyword Research First ?

There are some stepwise strategies for your keyword research. Keep follow them and learn how to do keyword research for your blog.

1. Ask yourself regarding the keyword

First ask yourself that, is that keyword relevant to your site?. And ask yourself that, is that keyword will fetch visitors and satisfy them with your blog. More importantly, will that keyword plays role in financial rewards and goals. If, “Yes” is the answer for all of those questions, then proceed further.

2. Search with that keyword in all major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

It’s very important to understand which websites are already ranking for that particular keyword. That will give you a great insight to enter into the competition and also how hard to rank with that keyword.

Now you can easily estimate the value of that keyword using CTR, CPM calculations.

Long Tail Keyword Method – Keyword Research Tips

Short tail keywords are the highly searched terms on search engines. Lets take an example, bags is the short tail keyword and that has the 6000 daily searches with low competition. But, its difficult to rank your site with that keyword “bags”, because many authorised sites will rank for that keyword.

Not only authorised sites, but also ads will take the first 2 to 3 positions in the search engines. These popular search terms can make up only 30% to 35% of the searches performed on the net. Remaining 65% to 70% lies in the Long Tail keyword’s search. Long tail keywords can rank your article easily.

Let’s remind that example on bags and as it is not easy to rank for bags, but its somewhat easy to rank for keywords like school bags, office bags, black colour bags. So, Don’t forget to use long tail keywords, because it has the highest search volume.

Understanding the Keyword Difficulty

It is very important to understand the difficulty of keyword. Choosing the keyword for your article involves with understanding the keyword difficulty. For some keywords, highly authorised sites will rank and its very difficult to rank with that keywords. So, try understanding the keyword difficulty before selecting the right keyword.

i suggest Google Adwords for Keyword research.

i hope this article is helpful. Let me know your comments below.

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