How to Add Pattern Lock to iPhone

By | February 9, 2020

Hi friends, this article is completely about how to add pattern lock to iPhone 4/5/6, iPad, iPod. The best working trick to add android lock to iPhone is discussed in this article to help our readers all the way. iPhone is the most popular smartphone even in the world. Which has great features and specification. Apple has created it’s own brand mark in Tech Market.

There are lot more specifications on iphone, ipad or pad including security. With the advent of iPhone 6 and 6s Plus, fingerprint scanner lock has added greater value. But lower models like iPod, iPad, iPhone 4s/5s is not having pattern lock as in the case of android mobile operating system. If you really want to know how to add pattern lock to iPhone, iPad, or iPad. You must read this app and i am sure this article will surely help you add android pattern lock to iPhone.

It will be nothing if you don’t have what you really want. Just in case of apple iPhone, there is no pattern lock even though you spent more money to afford it. Just imagine what if your iPhone has android pattern lock. If you would like to proceed further to add pattern lock to your iPhone then please read it. But before that let me tell you the way how to add pattern lock to iPhone 4,5,6 plus. Android lock to iPhone could be done by an application called “ANDROID LOCK FOR FREE”.

How to Add Pattern Lock to iPhone 4/5/6 Plus, iPad, iPod (Android Lock to iOS / iPhone) :

I hope pattern lock does not need any introduction how it looks and works like. Let me tell you once for the sake of Newbies. Pattern lock is nothing but nine dots as passcode lock numbers looks like. You just need to enter the numbers in the case of passcode security lock system. And you need to drag from the starting point to ending point though intermediate points (dots). This is all about the difference between android pattern lock and iOS Passcode lock.

pattern lock screen

if you want to add android pattern lock to iphone / ipad or ipad, you will not be having options by default. So, adding android pattern lock to iphone or ipad could be done by an application. And the app is a premium application.

You might have heard about Vshare and Cydia, those are platforms where you can download premium apps for free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Let’s go ahead and download android lock for free apk app on Cydia.

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To Download android lock for free apk app on iPhone using Cydia, please follow the steps listed below.

Step 1 : Install Cydia app on your iPhone / iPad / iPod.

Step 2 : Open Cydia app on your iPhone / iPad / iPod and Search for “ANDROID LOCK FOR FREE”.

Step 3 : Download android lock for free apk app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad using Cydia.

Step 4 : Now install android lock apk app on iOS Device like iPhone, iPad, iPod. And activate it.

Step 5 : To activate the android pattern lock on your iphone, go to Settings > Android Lock > Tap Change Pattern.

Step 6 : Now give an input pattern that you want to set it as a pattern lock for iPhone, iPod, iPad and click save.

Step 7 : Check the pattern by locking the iphone using power button and drag the pattern that you gave it earlier to unlock your iPhone, iPod, iPad.

Final Words :

It is possible to add android pattern lock to iPhone / iPad or iPod. I have shown you the best way to add pattern lock on iPhone and ios devices else. Let me tell you the answers if you have any problems. Please share this article on social media like google plus, twitter and facebook. Thank you so much for reading the article “How to Add Pattern Lock to iPhone 4,5,6 / iPad or iPod using Android Lock for Free”.

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