13+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites In 2019 | Live Cricket, Football

By | January 19, 2020

Are you having serious issues of not being able to watch your favorite sports on TV? I can understand the pain. There are so many channels and sports tournaments that do not get telecasted in your country. Or you might not have a TV at the right moment. It happens all the time. We thought just to fix this never-ending problem and so we have researched a lot of streaming sites over a while.

We have great news for all you sports enthusiasts.!!

There are 13 Free Sports Streaming sites that we found were the best fit for you. And the best part you need not use any VPN or another private network to keep it hidden. Every one of them is absolutely legal. All you need is a super-fast internet connection and a nice place to chill out. That is it. I personally love watching alone or you can play it along with your friends. 

So let’s get down to business. Here is the list of the best free streaming sites you will find on the internet.


We all are very much aware of the ESPN sports channel on your cable TV. But maybe you are not aware of the fact that ESPN continues to be the largest among all the streaming sites.

They have a pretty simple website but very rich in UI. You can easily navigate your favorite sports on it. It has tons of free content available on the site with sports available such as NFL, MLB, NBA, tennis, motor racing, bowling, golf, horse racing, and more.

Not all streams are free and the site doesn’t have the right to show all the sports since some are unauthorized. Some of the streams require premium sign up either through your satellite television provider or by paying a small amount for the subscription. If not, you can still watch the free streams by just visiting the site without any hassle and super easy.

2.  Sony Liv

Sony Liv is yet another one of the top streaming sites of all time which has been introduced by Sony itself. This is an Indian backed television channel and streams a large number of Sports streaming Live on its website.

If you are a sports enthusiast you can watch Laliga, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League and many many to go on with the list.

Apart from these, we have sports such as cricket, tennis, WWE, MBA, racing, martial arts, e-sports, and more that can be streamed seamlessly on the website. Since this is an Indian backed website not everyone can watch some selected content if you are not from India. Unless you decided to go for a VPN and try out your chances.

3. Sport Lemon TV

Sport Lemon TV is the easiest site that you can use anywhere. A truly simple UI that has just a list of all the matches are being live streamed at the moment and all you have to do is select from the options you like. And there it is.

That is how simple it is. There are no pop-ups or any other prompt message to go on with. Just a certain set of commands and we are good to go.

The list of sports that the streaming supports are Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball, Boxing, etc. Just click on the icon and get going with it. You will be redirected to the streaming video and enjoy further.

4. Sport Stream

Sport-stream.me is just another sports streaming website with minimal function and pages to check out. You can easily choose your favorite sport from the home page of the website and start with your streaming.

Sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Motor. Rugby,  etc are available.

Also, there are options to choose from the best server option that would provide the fastest speed of the stream according to the country you are based in.

5. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV as the name suggests is one of the best streaming sites for watching Football. You can choose to stream matches on the website or other by downloading its application on the mobile phone. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

This site offers free streaming to tournaments such as Woman’s WC, Champions Cup, La Liga, Champions League, etc. It has the right to major leagues which other sites fail to get authorization to. Also, the site is very simple to go through and can be used without having to surf much on it. By the way, if you are a fan of NFL and like to watch NFL live stream free online, we these sites have got you covered!

6. Hotstar Sports

Hotstar is yet another Indian based sports streaming site that has been backed by Star India. If you are a sport fanatic person then this is everything you have been searching for. The UI is amazing and simple to use. 

It offers every sport’ live stream just like any other site. Though we do not have a TV channel yet it works absolutely incredible over a website and also an application for both iOS and Android users. Hotstar too has free and paid subscription but if you are not willing to spend money on this, you can totally enjoy the free version but with limited streaming options.

7. Sport RAR

Sport RAR is just a similar sports streaming website just like Sport stream and Sports Lemon TV. The UI is pretty simple to operate and works smoothly for its users.

Moreover, we can stream sports like Volleyball, Handball, Fighting, Football, Basketball and many others, the options are available right on the home page for you to select. 

The home page also shows the list of live streams from different sports to easily be selected. Not just this, you can also change your time zone from the option given on the top-right corner of the website.

8.  Facebook Watch

The Facebook watch is something not everyone might be aware of. It had been introduced about two years back where it allows you to watch various sports leagues such as La Liga, MLB games, and many more.

These games officially took license to broadcast it on facebook and you can enjoy anytime through your mobile phones or any just login into your account and following these steps.

  1. Visit the site Facebook Watch and log in to your account
  2. Click on the “search” option on the left side of the website.
  3. Simple type “Sports” and click Enter to see the results
  4. After clicking on “see all” option just select the live option to get the list of latest live streams on Facebook being broadcasted.

9. Sony Pictures Sports Network

Sony pictures have their own separate sports streaming network where it covers all the TV channels Sony broadcasts that are Sony Six, Sony ESPN, Sony Ten 1,2,3 and all the other HD channels associated with it. 

So if you are having issues keeping up with these channels on your TV, you can just visit their site and click on the live streams and enjoy the free streaming in HD as well as normal display. If you wish to download an app for this you can easily do it by visiting the app store for both Android as well as Apple users.

10. Batman Stream

Batman stream gets over 15 million visitors every month. Isn’t it just incredible? It is just one of the best sites that would offer free streaming services to all the sports fanatic person out there. It also has an option of live chat along with the stream and you can enjoy all this on its Live application available for both Android and iOS devices.

The UI is pretty intriguing and easier to go through. It will keep you updated with live scores and you can enjoy the live streams of your favorite sports simply by clicking on the links on the website that will take you to the feed.

11. Laola1.tv

Laola one has risen to be a great platform for sports lovers to enjoy high definition streaming directly on your screen. All you need is an amazing internet connection to get you the best result.

This site isn’t just about watching live streams but you can record the whole match offline and watch it anytime you want in high definition display.

12. Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo sports has always been a go-to website for all the Sports crazy person. From providing hours and hours of live streams to uninterrupted updates about your favorite team or club they provide you with everything. 

Along with you there are a thousand others all streaming on the site and following it along with the discussions. So don’t think too much and get onboard


Last but not least we have Stream2Watch sports streaming website. This too is an incredible option you can go for while choosing the best site that suits perfectly for you to watch free sports streaming. 

There might be an issue of too many ads pop-ups, so to avoid this downloading an ad blocker is highly recommended. Other than this you are provided with HD streaming along with Live updates on the matches, players, clubs, teams, etc.


Hopefully, the list might have come of great learning to you since there are many sites you might have never heard of that they existed. Before researching, I surely didn’t know about many of them. 

So If you come up with any issues regarding these sites or have any other sites that work great for you, do not hesitate to share in the comment section so that other users can get the best out of it too.

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