{10+4} Free Music Downloads: MP3 for Android & iPhones 2019

By | February 4, 2020

Nothing soothes your soul more than listening to a melody. When you want to dance your heart out, you can’t do it without music. Even if you want to shrink into your cocoon in distress, no one other than a heartfelt song can give you the best company. So, that’s why you are here looking for best free MP3 music downloader apps, right?

In this article, you are going to get to know about fourteen applications for both Android and iOS such as MusicPleer. Yeah, it may be the best times for online streaming. Still, there are millions who don’t enjoy exhausting their data every time they want to play a song.

Best Free Music Downloads- New MP3 Apps for Android and iOS

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the mammoth list of popular and the best applications.

      • YMusic

I am so impressed with this new free music downloader that it has become impossible for me not to place it first. It is YouTube Music Premium. Of course, the user interface and the name are different. However, you are getting all the best features.

When you want to play a particular track, just plug it into the search bar. If it’s available on YouTube, you can listen to it on YMusic as well. Just like any other music player, you can play a track in the background. It shows you the top tracks in your country on the home screen.

In case you want to make the app personalized, you can just sign in with your Gmail account. The app allows you to have free music download sites in MP3 and M4A format. Tap on three-dots right next to the track and you will have the option right there. Unfortunately, it isn’t available for iPhones.

Free music Download with YMusic for Android

      • SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a freemium music downloader apps for audiophiles. It is a streaming service mostly used by new up and coming artists. Unless you want regional music, SoundCloud can satisfy you up to a great extent. The offline feature in the app helps you download tracks and play it whenever you want.

Not every track/video is available offline with the plan. If you are ready to pay $4.99 per month, you can get any track to have at your fingertip even in the absence of an active internet connection. The best thing about SoundCloud is its support. You can download it for Android and iOS.

Like any other music player and unlike radio stations, you can create own playlist and manage it. For a track to be received on SoundCloud, the creator should mark it so. Otherwise, you will have to take their subscription. The fact that SoundCloud has a wide variety of music makes it stand out from the rest. Although, sometimes users face issues such as Not Registered on Network but it’s easily fixable.

SoundCloud for Android | SoundCloud for iOS

      • Google Play Music

Google has two music streaming service sites; Play Music and You Tube Music. You will see the latter below in this list. Coming from the Google ecosystem, you may think it aligns well with Android only. No, you can install it on your iPhone and seamlessly listen to music.

You can play tracks on Android, iOS, and even on your desktop via a browser tab. The robust player makes the streaming flawless. Of course, you can create playlists, but only after you become a subscriber. The official iTunes listing of the app proclaims they have a catalog of over 40 million music.

As a user, you can store and stream 50000 plus tracks. In the US and Canada, thousands of free playlists are available for you to listen to. In case you opt for the subscription of Google Play Music, you will also get You Tube Music Premium membership at no additional cost.

Google Play Music for Android | Google Play Music for iOS

      • SuperCloud MP3 Downloader

Are you looking for non-sophisticated music downloading application? You just want to download your favorite track without getting distracted. Too many features and interface adornments irritate you. Don’t worry! We have a listing just for you. It’s SuperCloud Music Downloader.

The downloading process is quick and straightforward. On launching the app, you get a search bar. Simply, enter the name of the album or artist you are looking for. In a blink, you can see a number of results pertaining to the term you entered. Now, a tap on the name of the track will initiate the process.

In case you don’t want to download, the app allows you to stream music real-time as well. Resembling a professional music player, it displays the album art. You can’t find SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader on Play Store. We have found a working link to download the application. It’s an Android-only one.

Download SuperCloud MP3 Downloader

      • Mazika

You have got two exclusive offerings for Android. As an iPhone user, it might have started irking you. Don’t worry! We have one exclusive for you.; Mazika! The name may hit you as a bizarre one, not the service. You can even get the latest Arabic music catalogue. How insane is that!

Mazika updates their playlists with top songs inside. You can always give them a try if the selection of music seems intimidating to you. The availability of thousands of tracks makes the platform an impressive one. The Mazika Radio helps the users find tracks according to their moods.

The premium service costs you $0.99 per month. You can download unlimited tracks if you opt for it. With the free version, the number of songs one can keep offline is limited. Of course, they have a trial period for anyone to devour the premium specifications free of cost just like jamendo.

Download Mazika

      • Free Legal Song Notifier for iTunes

You know Apple Music, don’t you? It’s a cross-platform music streaming service, which you can use to listen to offline stuff too. Why are we not listing the same in this list of best free music downloader for Android and iOS? It’s not free!

Guess what? Apple provides some free of cost ones via legal iTunes. Yes, you heard it right. Not always they do it. Moreover, you can get every song for free as well. The company will decide what to make free. Chances are a regular user doesn’t get any hint of the company listing a song for free.

That’s where the importance of Free and legal Song Notifier for iTunes kicks in. The app gives you push notifications to remind you of the availability of new free singles. Moreover, you can also find direct download links to free songs on iTunes. Don’t blame us if you don’t find any free ones. Apple does it once in a while.

Download Free Song Notifier for iTunes

      • RockMyRun

Do you work out every day? Have you ever felt the need to hear a motivational track? That’s what RockMyRun does. The developers work closely with the world’s best DJs to create tracks. They claim their offering is quite different from other sites as each song is handpicked and blended together.

It can adjust the music tempo in order to match your steps. As you use the app for a while, it studies your listening habit and recommends new tracks to try in accordance with your taste. You get many genres (Pop, Rock, EDM, etc.) at your fingertips.

RockMyRun does not contradict with any fitness apps. It just keeps on motivating you through the beats. Yeah, it is available for free. If you don’t take their premium plan, you won’t get the chance to leverage the platform up to its full potential once the trial period ends.

Download RockMyRun for Android | Download RockMyRun for iOS

      • SoundClick

Do you know what works well on both Android and iOS? Yes, a site! That’s why we have chosen a free music downloader site for this list. You won’t get any compatibility issues with sites be it on any platform. All you need is a functional browser capable of playing music online to listen to awesome artists.

On the homepage, you get a search bar to land on your favorite music. Keep in mind that you get only royalty-free tracks here on these sites. Beneath the navigation bar, you can see different genres. On a lousy Sunday, you can skim through each category to surprise yourself with unknown but impressive tracks.

Not every song available on SoundClick is free. It depends on the artist whether or not to publish his/her work for free. If one chooses to take the paid route, you will have to pay. Keeping that aside, it is completely free for both artists and listeners. For artists, they have a premium plan with enhanced features, though.

Visit SoundClick

      • Freegal Music

Here comes yet another cross platform free music downloader application. You just have to open the respective store on your device, search for Freegal Music and hit install. There you go! You will have more than fifteen million songs desperately waiting to be heard.

They listed over 200 genres. In case you are not in search of a specific track, you can skim through each genre to find the least known golden nuggets. The platform features many curated playlists that align with many emotions. They have recently added audiobooks section.

Once you install the application on your device, downloading is a cakewalk. Find your favorite track and it will show you at least a few listings. Choose what you want. Finally, hit the download button. You don’t have to have an active internet connection to listen to the ones you already downloaded.

Free Music Download Freegal for Android | Free Music Download sites Freegal for iPhone

      • Napster

Napster is one of the pioneers in new music streaming service. It has built its own fort in the industry before even Spotify came out. You can’t count it as an entirely free music downloader application just like Spotify. Once the trial period of 30 days end, you will have to spend the proposed fee to keep the service unhindered as you would do for spotify.

Their catalog includes more than 30 million songs. And, you will never encounter an advertisement ever on their platform; no matter you are a trial user or a paid customer. Napster is available for multitudes of platform. That means the level of personalisation remains the same on all your devices.

Napster gives you the great superpowers of music download to get unlimited songs. The app follows auto-renewal. If you find it a menace, you can cancel the service whenever you want. Playlist creation is fun on the this because it allows you to add your own image or GIF.

Download Free Napster for Android | Download Free Napster for iOS

      • Advanced Download Manager

A download manager is an application specifically built to ease the process. You are supposed to get more speed than what you get on a traditional browser. Unlike any other application available in this list, this one is not exclusive to music. You can download any file from the internet using Advanced Download Manager.

Multithreading technology is what the application use here. By splitting a file into nine parts and simultaneously getting each, the whole process becomes fluid. At the end, it will combine the parts to form the entire file.

The application can intercept links from browsers and clipboard. That means, you don’t have to manually add anything. Unlike a browser session, Advanced Download Manager comes with resume facility. The developers have made the algorithm so smart that it can sense a dip in the network signal and up the speed.

Download Advanced Download Manager

      • YouTube Music

Under Play Music section, we have told you YouTube Music is on their way. You will never run out of music here. Everything under the sun is available on YouTube Music. In order to savor all the features, you have to go for the premium version. The free one is ad-supported and you can’t get on with the background streaming. When you minimize the app to navigate to your home screen, the app will stop the playback.

As you read, it is easier to find a song on the app. Once you install it on your device, you just have to search for the song name, album or artist. Google’s smart algorithm will bring a handful of results of which the topmost one suits your interest (most probably). It can give you recommendations based on the location, taste, and time of day. The Hotlist allows you to uncover the trending list.

You can’t download tracks without subscribing to the premium version. What if you want all the pro stuff without spending a penny? Yeah, it’s possible. They have a 30 day trial period. Just try cancel it before the time flies. By enabling the offline mixtape, you can assign YouTube Music to download songs for you. Of course, you can do it manually as well.

Download YouTube Music for Android | Download YouTube Music for iOS

      • JioSaavn

Saavn was a music streaming service in India. Jio is one of the most popular telecom networks. Once Jio had come into force, Saavn made a partnership deal to unite it with JioMusic. The application is free to download and use. An ordinary user doesn’t get a chance to enjoy offline downloads.

The best thing about this free music downloader app is the availability of regional music. If you are from India, you will dance with joy on seeing Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. in the list of supporting languages. Based on your streaming history, the app can show you recommendations. Finding songs is very easy too on Saavn.

It is available for colossal of platforms, not just Android and iOS. So, you can resume on a different device from where you left off on another device. Are you a Jio SIM user? Time to get excited then. You can enjoy the Pro version for 90 days. Yeah, three whole months. Meaning, you can download music to play it offline, see no ads (zilch), and enjoy high quality audio.

Download JioSaavn for Android | Download JioSaavn for iOS

      • Hungama Music

Here comes another treat for Indian music lovers. What if you don’t get a specific regional track from JioSaavn site? You must look at the catalog of Hungama Music then. It is available for both Android and iOS. Just like any other application out there such as jamendo or last.fm, they have two plans; free and paid.

Their digital library is so vast that it has more than 10 million songs. The songs are spread into Jazz, Pop, Rock, EDM, Classical, Bhajans, DJ mixes, Salsa, Bhangra, and more. As you listen to music, you can also see the lyrics on the screen. They have made many on-demand channels into Radio for the users to enjoy. So, basically it has a lot of features.

If you go for Hungama Premium deals, you will never see an ad ever again. And, the music quality will not leave the top-notch level. One of the interesting features of Hungama can act as the music player for your offline songs as well.

Download Hungama Music for Android | Download Hungama Music for iOS


We know you are exhausted reading this behemoth list of best free music downloader MP3 for Android and iOS. It was a herculean task for us to compel this article. So, what do you think? Let us know your favorite ones in the comment section down below and share this with your friends. Also, check out these free hookup sites in case you are looking for some fun!

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