[Top 9 Solutions] How to Fix 0xc00007b Error EASILY!!

By | January 28, 2020

Microsoft Windows is one of the most user-friendly operating systems in the market. It appears to be true until we need to troubleshoot some error. Windows is a sophisticated operating system, and sometimes there can be errors.

In this article, we are going to solve one of the most common error that people face. This article will guide you to Fix 0xc00007b Error.

Meaning of Error 0xc00007b & How To Fix It

It is always better to understand the root of the problem before solving it. Once we know the meaning and cause of an Error, we can quickly troubleshoot it.

People have widely adopted Windows 10, not only on their PCs, but windows are used on smartphones as well as tablets. This adaptive feature of Windows sometimes causes errors like these.

It usually occurs when we try to start a newly installed application or game. The error message we get is

“The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.”

Let us try to learn the meaning of this error in simple words. It merely means that you are attempting to execute an application which is designed to run on 64-bit Operating system on a 32-bit Windows.

This error looks stressful and appears impossible to solve, but don’t worry. We got your back. Through this guide, we are working to assist you in solving this error. You may use the troubleshooting methods which are listed below. We have attempted our best to make the guide simple and easy to understand.

Causes of 0xc000007b Error

There are multiple reasons behind getting Windows error 0xc00007b, but you need not stress about it because we are going to cover the most common ones and how to repair them. Some of these include the mixing of 32-bit and 64-bit applications, outdated driver, outdated windows, missing DLLs of Windows, obsolete windows, etc.

Cause #1: Mixing of 32-bit and 64-bit applications and DLLs:

Usually, this error emerges when there is a mixing of 32 bits windows software and 64 bits windows. It occurs when an application is designed to work on a 64-bit, but we try to run it on a 32-bit computer.

Windows applications work on a network of DLL, and a 32-bit computer cannot execute 64-bit DLL, this mixing up of DLLs are most likely to cause this and more issues such as dpc watchdog violation.

Cause #2: Missing and alteration in Framework Softwares:

Sometimes pieces of software like .NET framework, Direct X and Microsoft Visual C++ installed in your PC also causes 0xc00007b. Modern Applications and games like Farcry 4 are based on software like .NET Framework and absence or alternations of them can cause these issues.

Cause #3: Permission

Sometimes your computer needs administrative privileges to access files which are necessary to execute the application. In such cases open the application with administrative rights. I will be explaining the complete method in this article.

Cause #4: Missing files

There are high chances that sometimes files required to execute the application are missing or are corrupted.

Cause #5: Corrupted files, Virus Infections and Registry Errors:

When files are corrupted or infected, then it becomes impossible for the OS to execute them, in that case, this is likely to occur.

How to Fix 0xc000007b Error: aka 0xc00007b

Since there are several causes for this, a comprehensive solution is not possible, but we will be covering all possible solutions which would help you to overcome this bug.

Solution #1: Framework Software Issues:

Most of the modern games and softwares are powered by frameworks like .NET or Direct X. These Frameworks have the necessary DLLs to run the application. Re-installing these pieces of software can restore the missing DLLs, allowing the application to execute without any problem.

Solution #2: Administrator Privileges:

Some applications require Administrative Privileges to work. Providing Administrative Privilege can fix 0xc00007b.

Follow these steps to run any program using Administrative Privilege:

1st Step: Right-click on the icon of the application

2nd Step: Select Run as Administrator

3rd Step: Tap Yes

Solution #3: Compatibility Mode:

Some pieces of software are designed to work with the earlier version of windows operating system. Microsoft introduced Compatibility mode with Microsoft Windows 7. Compatibility mode allows the app to run with configurations used in previous versions of windows.

How to run an application in Compatibility Mode?

1st Step: Right-click on the icon of the application

2nd Step: Go to Properties

3rd Step: Select Compatibility

4th Step: Click on Run this program in Compatibility Mode

5th Step: Select the OS

6th Step: Click on Apply/Okay, then Run the program.

Solution #4: Hard Drive Fault

Hard disk faults can cause 0xc00007b bug, to solve this, follow the steps given below:

1st Step: Right Click on Start Menu

2nd Step: Select Run

3rd Step: Type CMD

4th Step: Type chkdsk c: /f /r and press Enter

5th Step: If asked for Administrative privilege, Select Yes.

6th Step: Restart

Solution #5: Update Windows

Windows updates also contain updates for .NET Framework and Direct X. Update your windows and check if 0xc00007b solves. You may also reinstall some recent updates to check if they are causing the issue.

Solution #6: Verify System File Integrity

Follow the steps given below to Verify System File Integrity:

Step 1: Open Command prompt with admin privileges.

Step 2: Type sfc /scannow

Using this command windows will scan and fix all required file errors.

Solution #7: Update Direct X

DLL errors can be caused if you are using an earlier version of Direct X. In order to avoid such errors, always download and use the latest version of Direct X. You can download DirectX from their official website. Go ahead, download and install the latest version.

Solution #8: Reinstalling the Program

Sometimes reinstalling the game or program is enough to solve most of the issues. Reinstalling the program would restore all the missing files and DLLs required to execute the app. Try reinstalling the program, and if it works, you don’t need any other solutions. It is the most straightforward method of dealing with error 0xc00007b. Now that, the error has been resolved, go ahead and enjoy some music.

Final Verdict

You can use the resolutions mentioned earlier, but if the problem still exists, feel free to comment down. We wish that this article assists you in understanding the meaning, cause and solutions of 0xc00007b.

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