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By | December 29, 2019

Hi guys, How to Convert Exe to Apk android file is the latest article on AllTechBlogger, after my previous post Install Windows 8.1/8/7 on Android Tablet. You can install windows operating system on your android tablet just by reading that article. I have given a neat guide to install windows on android. In this article i am going to share the guidelines on how to convert exe to apk android file. 

If you can install windows on android tablet, you can install windows exe softwares on your android tablet/mobile. So, interested guys can install windows 8.1/8/7/xp on your android tablet/mobile.

If you are not interested to install windows on android tablet/mobile. No need to worry, i have a trick to install and use exe files in to your android device like tablet/mobile. Which works out like a charm. All you have to convert exe to apk android file to install and use them on your android tablet/mobile. Actually this is the topic i have chosen to help you today.

Though there are many apps for android users, they can use them on their devices like tablet/mobile. But they are not allowed to use windows exe softwares on their android mobile/tablet.

Today i am suggesting you on how to convert exe to apk android file and use them on your android devices like tablet and mobile. With the help of exe to apk converter. In this article i am going to suggest you a great tool, which is exe to apk converter tool. Which is available for free over web. All you just have to download the exe to apk converter tool. After that i will guide you how to convert exe to apk android files.

Convert any useful software of your choice and use them on your android mobile/tablet using exe to apk converter tool free download. Just follow my guidelines to do so. I am sure that, you will be able to convert exe to apk android file after reading my step wise guide.

How to Convert EXE to APK Android File (Windows To Android) :

Before going to convert exe to apk android file, check out the system requirements.

As i have mentioned above, you need download change my software exe to apk converter tool. No need to worry, i have shared the direct download link, which is officially free.

Actually some days back we are allowed to download the change my software for free and now we are not allowed to download it for free. Users have to submit the survey or have to get the premium account. But you are lucky because i have given the direct link to download the software without any un-usual surveys and without getting any premium accounts by paying money. Hey please note that, it is from official site only.

After completion of downloading the software, just launch the software to install by double clicking the downloaded exe to apk file converter. Check below image
After launching the application, hit enter on “I have a Portable Application” to proceed further.

Now select the exe file that you want to convert to apk android file. This will take some time to convert the exe software to apk android app. Actually it takes time to create supporting files and covert them to support apk file. Refer below image for more clarification. And the click on “Convert” after selecting the exe software.

Exe to apk converter tool will take some time to convert the exe file to apk android file. So leave the software for some time. Do not disturb while the software conversion in progress.

After conversion process of exe to apk android is successful in the free converter tool. You will get a success message. Refer below image.

Wow, Congrats ! You have successfully converted the exe to apk android to use windows exe file on android devices like tablet/mobile.

I hope you like the article on How to Convert exe to apk file Android using exe to apk file converter tool. If you want to download free exe to apk converter tool, scroll up and find the direct download link.


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