July 22, 2024

7 Best Apps to Play with Friends in 2020

Playing with friends on mobile gaming apps can be as exciting and rejuvenating as playing with them outdoors. And thanks to the recent spate of multi-player games that have been launched this have become quite the rage these days. Most of these mobile gaming apps are free for downloading and you can get them for both iOS and Android devices. There are even crypto games which accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as payment and let you earn through playing. Bitcoin is being utilized to replace traditional currencies in many gaming firms since its value has skyrocketed. Bitcoin trading volume is also high due to the availability of auto-trading bots. To get a taste of such dependable bots, go to https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-pro/, which discusses Bitcoin Pro, which allows you to trade automatically and offers large returns. Refer to the link in source for Bitcoin trading related information. All you must do is ensure that your mobile plan or data plan has ample data coverage for extended game hours.

Top 7 gaming apps to play with friends in 2020:

  1. Mario Kart Tour: If you have been a die-hard fan of this Nintendo game, you may find the idea of playing it on your smartphone preposterous. But the truth is that the mobile version is just as thrilling and you can play the game remotely with your pals. Once you have downloaded it on the phone, you are expected to play some games independently to come to the first level. Then the “Friends” icon pops up and you get to use the “add friend “button to type in your friends’ IDs.
  2. Sky: Children of the Light: This is a social adventure game that is free for downloading for both Apple and Android smartphones. It is highly rated by gamers because of its stunning visuals. You must fly through the 7 realms with your friends in order to solve mysteries so that you can return fallen stars back to their constellations. To add friends, you simply need to send QR code invites.
  3. Scrabble GO: Scrabble has been around for decades but the recently-launched Scrabble GO has been breaking records online; as many as 2 million play this game on a daily basis. This new version has made the original even more realistic and the best part is you can now play the game with your Scrabble-lover friends remotely. You simply need to add them to your phone or connect this app to your account on Facebook.
  4. Houseparty: The Heads Up app has been popular for playing with friends in person but the Houseparty is even better. You can actually play this charade game inside the video chatting app. You can simply invite your friends to a Houseparty chat, choose the icon displaying a dice on screen, and choose Heads Up for launching a new game.
  5. Minecraft: The Pocket Edition has no difference with the first PC version and you can play this exciting and creative game with your friends locally. So, you can join the game using the same Wi-Fi network. If your friends are not on the same network, they can always take part by playing via the same server.
  6. PUBG: This stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and has recently become the most sought-after multi-player battle. There can be as many as 100 players in this game and it is perhaps one of the best for gamers who enjoyer shooters. You can add friends to the list and send invites to get them to play with you. It is free to download on both Android and Apple phones.
  7. Quiz Up: This free mobile gaming app offers questions for you and your friends on different themes. So, you can choose from a variety of topics like geography, Game of Thrones, animation movies, etc. The app will then match you with random opponents worldwide or you could even invite your own group of friends to play this with you.


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