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By | February 3, 2020

What the hell! You buy a new smartphone. Try to connect to your wireless network. Pff! You can’t remember the password. Have you ever found yourself in such a situation. I know how frustrating it is to stay helpless as you can’t connect to your own WiFi. What if entering into your browser’s address bar brings back your old glory? Yeah, it’s quite possible.

I am sure you have at least heard of the particular private IP address before landing here. You want to know more, don’t you? Let’s delve right into it then. Router Login Address; All You Want to Know

I have shredded this article into small chunks for the reading convenience. Without further ado, let’s kick in.

What is Router Address For Login?

In theory, this is a private router IP address just like which you can assign to any local network device. Yes, you can allocate it to any gadget; be it your laptop, PC, or tablet. However, many routers use the same as default IP addresses. The manufacturers assign it to their products. That’s why you are here. Most probably, your modem manufacturer might have allotted it. vs Router Address

Chances are people confuse address with router address. To begin with, both are private Internet Protocol addresses. You can manually assign them to any device in your network. The similarity doesn’t end there. Manufacturers choose from these two to put it as the default IP for their device before shipping.

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How to Connect to Admin Login Address on Your Router?

You can follow the steps given below to get into the setup page so that you can change the pwd and do more.


  • First, you have to open a web browser. It doesn’t matter which one (be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari).
  • Now you have to type (copy/ paste also works fine) address into the address bar. Don’t forget to hit the Enter key.
  • You will see a settings page asking for the admin username and pwd. Baffled?? Don’t worry. I will share with you a list of default usernames and login details at the end of this article which you can enter in the settings panel page on the computer.

A Point to Ponder:- You have to type the address as it is. Putting an extra fullstop/ number or removing anything from the given IP will not give you what you want to see.

How to Change the WiFi Default Router Login Password?

The main reason why most people visit router setup page is to change their router login details or to check the log. I recommend changing the credentials once in two months because it helps you stay out of unauthorised devices usages. In case you have a habit of forgetting the logins, you should not go for strong combinations of characters if you opt for the manual method to set the users login info.

Let’s return to the topic in hand. You can follow the steps given below for that.

  • As you read above, you need to open an internet browser. Go ahead and do that.
  • Type into the address bar. Hit Enter to get going.
  • You are stuck here, aren’t you? The empty admin username and pwd fields start taunting you. In case you don’t know what to type, have a look at the end of this article. You know the credentials?? Alright then! Enter the same and you are good to go.
  • Once you access the networks setup page, you can see many options on the screen. What we need is something with the label Wireless or WiFi. (For some routers, you have to access Advanced and then Wireless).
  • Look under Security Options(WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK), you can see something similar to Pre-Shared Key, can’t you? The existing one sits right there. You can grab it or change into something convenient.

Bonus Tips

Want to secure your wireless network from unauthorised access? When you keep it open or vulnerable, people just suck into it. Your FUP gets exhausted pretty fast. There are many WiFi hacking applications are available on the official app stores. So, don’t risk it.

  • You know how to open the setup page, don’t you? Have a deep look at the previous section. Under Wireless, you can see Security Options. There are WEP, WPA-PSK(TKIP), WPA2-PSK(AES), WPA-PSK/WPA2 PSK AES. I recommend using the last one.

Have you ever thought of wooing your neighbours or anyone who sees your wireless network and tries to connect to it? By default, the router manufacturer has set a name. You can change it to something else. How?

Just look for something like SSID Name. Put anything there. For your reference, I have got a few names here.

  • No More Mister Wi-Fi
  • Benjamin FrankLAN
  • Bill Wi the Science Fi
  • Martin Router King
  • John Wilkes Bluetooth
  • I Believe Wi Can Fi
  • Mom Use This One
  • Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  • Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  • Abraham Linksys

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How to Find the Default Username and Password of Your Router?

There are multiple ways for you to find the default credentials of your network router. You can check the back of the router or the package in which the device was shipped. Most probably, they should have mentioned the details there.

What if you can’t see it there. Well, grab the model number and search on the web. Most probably, you will see the manufacturer website on top of the search results.

The following are some username and password combinations for the routers.

  • username / password
  • admin / pass
  • [none] / private
  • user / [none]
  • admin / [none]
  • admin / admin
  • [none] / admin
  • admin / [none]
  • admin / pwd
  • [none] / [none]
  • admin / michelangelo
  • user / password
  • [none] / public


Sometimes, you can’t connect to the setup page using the above mentioned IP address. What are the probable causes?

  • Incorrect IP

You know the correct address is When you go wrong, it doesn’t work. Even an extra period may get you in trouble. Make sure you haven’t mistyped it.

  • Inappropriate Address

For every router out there, this address doesn’t point to the setup page. You need to try other addresses as well. Most of the manufacturers use or

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  • No Credentials Work

To err is human. We are no supercomputers. So, you may forget the credentials. If luck doesn’t favours, you might have changed from the default ones. That sucks! You can’t get the default pwd to work. There is a workaround. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

  • Technical Errors

Technology is prone to errors. Sometimes technical issues hinder you from accessing The page may stay still. It may not respond in the way you wanted.

Point to Ponder:- You can ensure whether or not is assigned to your router using Command Prompt (on Windows) or Terminal (on Mac). Just open either of them (pertaining to the operating system you use) and fire up the command ping Getting no yield in returns indicates the IP is something else.

Wrapping Up

You have got an extensive guide on Go over everything mentioned here. Forgetting the WiFi password is never going to be an issue for you. Alongside the information you wanted, I have shared some cool details as well. In case you have got any doubts or a nugget of knowledge, don’t forget to leave a comment below. It will help everyone reading this article, even me. I appreciate a share on social media as well.

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